Redesign with a Purpose

At Planet Telex we like to think of our company as constantly evolving and changing. The same can be said for our brand, our message, and how we showcase our services and products. Our recent website redesign was a direct result of us wanting to split the function of our website between what services and products we offer as well as be a resource for useful information and collaboration on topics that make a difference to today's application developers and designers.

The Design

For this design we agreed we wanted to take a step back from our last site design which had a "techie" feel by using a dark color scheme, ultra futuristic typefaces, and jQuery effects. For the new design we wanted a lighter color scheme, modern typography, and an increased focus on content. To achieve this I came up with a symmetrical (when the sidebar isn't collapsed) centered layout that showcases the blog equally with what services and products Planet Telex offers. Generous use of white-space and wide layout makes this possible. For smaller devices the site is responsive and adapts accordingly to the available screen real estate. The products and services sidebar is collapsible for those users looking for less distraction when viewing a page or post. Wide hero banners are used throughout the site to add visual impact to each page.

Design Requirements

  •  Responsive design that looks good on all devices.
  •  Clean, light color scheme.
  •  Modern typography.
  •  Emphasis split equally between content and marketing pages.

Starting with Orchard CMS, and the PJS.Bootstrap theme, we could utilize many of the great Bootstrap tools like variables, mixins, and the responsive layout. Various other jQuery plug-ins were then added to enhance the user interface and create a more pleasant user experience not only in desktop but also on small devices like smart phones and tablets. Less was used in building out the CSS and of course the site takes advantage of all the great HTML5 tags and semantics.

We spent a lot of time wire-framing and coming up with different design ideas before ultimately deciding on a design that met our needs. One of the hardest design challenges is knowing your audience and designing based around the content and not what you "think" your website should look like. We hope you enjoy our new site and find it easy to navigate and we appreciate any and all feedback and recommendations.

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