WPF Bootstrap

Kickstart your WPF PRISM Application with Telerik controls by using this WPF Bootstrap. It creates a project structure for a WPF PRISM application, then goes on to integrate with the Telerik WPF UI controls to provide a docking and tab enriched user interface where PRISM modules are injected into tabs dynamically.

WPF Bootstrap also provides the infrastructure for a "skinnable" WPF application- where the user can dynamically change color and icon resources from a menu option. The bootstrap ships with a default, light and dark skin to get you started.

It also includes a custom title bar that use the application's skin. The title bar has all the normal Windows title bar functions. A main menu is included as well, with functioning Exit, Duplicate Tab, Close All Tabs, Close Other Tabs menu options, along with skin selection options.


  • Includes sample application and 3 sample PRISM modules.
  • PRISM modules are dynamically added to Telerik docking tabs without violating PRISM principles.
  • Skinnable user interface allowed for runtime changing of color and icon resources.
  • Includes default, light and dark skins.
  • Custom, skinnable Windows title bar.
  • Telerik menu implemented with functioning menu options for:
    • Exit application
    • Duplicate current tab
    • Close all tabs
    • Close other tabs (except the current one)
    • Changing the current skin
  • Free and open source (Telerik licensing must be separately acquired).


  • Windows 7 and up
  • .Net 4.0 and up

Quick Start

  1. Download the latest package.
  2. Download and install Telerik UI for WPF. You may try it for 30 days before buying.
  3. Open the solution in Visual Studio.
  4. Replace the Telerik references with your installed Telerik assemblies.
  5. Build the solution.
  6. Rename and begin implementing your application's functionality.