The key to producing high quality deliverables quickly is to have a reliable arsenal of tools and reusable components. We use a vast array of products, both open source and proprietary. When we can't find exactly what we need on the marketplace, we build it ourselves or create or own fork of an open source project.

We're proud to have a selection of products that we've initiated- the most complete and robust being our beer-finding mobile application Beers Around Me, which demonstrates a multi-platformed solution that leverages our geo-spacial expertise. We also have web-based products for jQuery and Orchard CMS.

Read more about our products below:

  • iOS and Android

    Beers Around Me

    Find your favorite beers wherever you are.

    Check out beer menus for locations around you, search for where to get a specific beer, and explore the beers around you on an interactive map.

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  • Orchard CMS


    iTunes style coverflow

    Build a coverflow from images in your media library.

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    Contact Form

    Simple contact form

    A basic contact form with built-in spam protection.

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    RSS Viewer

    Display RSS feeds

    Displays an RSS feed as HTML.

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    Theme Machine Responsive

    A responsive basis for a custom Orchard CMS theme.

    A responsive version of the Orchard CMS "Theme Machine".

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  • jQuery


    iTunes style coverflow

    An iTunes-style coverflow jQuery UI widget.

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    Textarea character counter

    Displays a count down to how many characters left in a textarea.

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    URL to link converter

    Detects URLs in a markup string and converts them into links.

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    Image Mapper

    HTML Image map generator

    Graphically create HTML image mags.

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  • Windows

    WPF Bootstrap

    Windows WPF application starter kit with Telerik controls.

    Kick start your WPF PRISM application with this bootstrap.

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