Webistrano for Windows

Webistrano is a web-based interface for Capistrano, a popular Ruby deployment tool. The easy to use interface breaks deployments into discrete "recipes" that, once set up, can reduce even complex deployments to a mouse click.

Natively developed in Ruby on Rails, Webistrano does not work on Windows, which is a shame because it is a great tool that can be used for any type of deployment. Thankfully, Webistrano's creator, Peritor, hosts it publically on GitHub.com where it can be forked.

This is exactly what Planet Telex Inc. did in order to modify the software to function in a Windows environment. The tool can be hosted on Windows machines and can deploy to Windows and Linux machines.

If your company wants the power of Webistrano for your Windows infrastructure, now there is a solution for you. Download or fork Webistrano Windows from the Planet Telex GitHub.com page.

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