Usability and Design Prescribed for WellDyneRx

Prescription medicine provider WellDyneRx operates both phone and web channels where people can order their prescription medicines. Because the web channel is less expensive to operate, they had an explicit goal to increase usage, starting with a usability overhaul. The average age of user on their site is much older than the average internet user age, providing a unique design challenge for Planet Telex Inc., the Denver based company hired to improve the site.

The end result does indeed feature the large fonts and plain language you would expect when targeting an older audience, but more than that, Planet Telex engineered user flows geared to that demographic that walks them through creating prescriptions, filling them, locating pharmacies, researching generic alternatives to brand names, managing billing, history and more. The end result is an easy to use system that has been making WellDyneRx customers happy.

WellDyneRx Screenshot

View the live site.

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