Planet Telex Hires Hot-Shot Designer

Denver's Planet Telex Inc. added another new member to their expert team with the hiring of Bobby Benton, a young designer based out of L.A. Bobby exploded onto design scene a couple years ago when he took over both print and web design divisions of EagleRider's design group. From there he did graphics, designs, and websites for a number of local businesses which caught the eye of Rob Dixon, currently head of design at Planet Telex. First engaging Bobby as a contractor, when the timing was right PT made him a full time offer, which he accepted.

What makes Bobby's ascent as a graphic designer so amazing is that his formal training was in vocal performance. His degree in that from NAU propelled a successful vocal performance career singing primarily on cruise ships. After years touring the world, Bobby wanted to settle down more yet still express his artistic nature. It turned out that graphic design was exactly what he was looking for. He proceeded to teach himself, all the while sailing around the world performing.

Exhibiting a natural talent Bobby turned his late entry into the profession into an asset by bringing a fresh and unique perspective. Add to this his extensive research on the subject and you have the perfect design tour-du-force. Bobby is a full-fledged design geek scouring the blogosphere week in and week out to keep in touch with the cutting edge in technologies and techniques.

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