Laura Ling to Head Planet Telex Operations

Planet Telex Inc., a Denver based software development company known for its high quality craftsmanship, has made its first substantial hire today since its foundation last year. Laura Ling, formerly of Indigio Group, has agreed to come on board as Chief Operations Officer. Laura has had a distinguished career as a developer, lead developer, project manager, and director of client services. Her dedication to clients is legendary among those that know her, but it is her diligence and attention to detail that makes her especially attractive to Planet Telex.

Graduating with a computer science degree from Mt. Holyoke she began her career at Synaptec Software, which provides customized high-end legal software. She soon became an invaluable member of that team, managing accounts, fielding support, training, as well as working as a developer. Her indispensability soon became apparent when Synaptec Software contracted her for 6 months after she left to work at downtown Denver-based Indigio Group. Starting at the bottom of the ladder as a junior developer, she became a technical lead within a year, and was assisting operational management at the company within three.

As a small and growing company, Planet Telex has to hire the most productive and intelligent resources to thrive in a competitive marketplace. In hiring Laura, Planet Telex is getting exactly that- a brilliant woman in the prime of her career. Founder Rob Dixon, perhaps not jokingly, has said, "With this hire, I think we just doubled in value."

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