From iOS to Android in a Week

When Denver startup SafetyWeb had an opportunity to showcase their mobile application at a prominent Asian conference they were excited about the opportunity enter that market. There was only one problem- the conference wanted to showcase only Android apps, and SafetyWeb had only an iOS version. Their internal resources were all booked and the conference was in just over a week. What to do? Call Planet Telex, of course.

The expert staff at Planet Telex Inc. was able to take this thin client app, implemented on the iOS platform and port the design and functionality to a nearly identical Android app, the only differences being those the platforms imposed on them. To SafetyWeb's delight, Planet Telex succeeded beyond expectations. Not only did they port the app in the time frame allotted and the app was a success at the conference, but it was released on the marketplace. After many downloads and positive reviews the app is still going strong.

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