Designed to Save Pets Lives

Susan Goddard loves pets and is dedicated to reuniting lost pets with owners using state of the art technology. She formed Solo in 2010 with a mission to do just that. With a suite of services in the initial phase of development, Susan wanted a blog to get things started immediately. After all, many pets' lives can be saved just by providing knowledge of existing resources. She needed a playful and engaging site that would enable easy access to lifesaving information and turned to Planet Telex.

Designed by Bobby Benton, does exactly that. He uses jQuery and animation not as a distraction, but as a mechanism of user engagement, placing it in a beautiful design that is rich in detail but not busy. The 60's retro motif was intentional and at Susan's request. Combine this excellence in design with Susan's extensive knowledge, and is quickly becoming the online guide to finding lost pets.

Four Legged Tribe Screenshot

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