A Craftsman Approach to Software Development

A new software development company is setting up shop in the Denver area, Planet Telex Inc. If that name seems familiar to you, then you might be a Radiohead fan, since it comes from track 1 on their album The Bends. Besides the fact that it sounds global and technology oriented, naming a company after a song by Radiohead has deeper significance. In the world of music, Radiohead is renowned for the high quality of their craftsmanship in a world dominated by mass produced blandness. Planet Telex, the company, aspires to be exactly that in the world of software development.

Founded by Rob Dixon, the company will initially have only him on staff to lead a small team of expert developers that are contracted on a project basis; however there is a roadmap in place to staff permanent positions. With a distinguished career as both a designer as well as a developer beginning in 1998, Rob has worked for small Kansas-based Action Web Designs, then later CTL | Thompson and Indigio Group performing most of the roles involved in software development. Although formed as a corporate entity earlier, this month marks the official launch of the company- they are open for business and fueled by passion and ideals.

Historically, in many professions, artisan experts would continually hone their craft and come to be renowned craftspeople. This is true in artistry, carpentry, architecture, entertainment, athletics, legal, medical, and many other professions- however software design and engineering is often not seen in the same light- it is often perceived as a commodity. This is a mistake because an experienced software professional that takes their craft seriously can literally be orders of magnitude more efficient and effective than a junior resource.

This is the idea behind Planet Telex. Assemble an expert team of craftsmen, capture their knowledge, and mentor junior developers. All the while producing a quality of work that is second to none and getting it done in a timely manner. How is this possible? Small, effective teams of industry veterans design and architect solutions using their career's accumulation of components, tools, and methodologies.

In today's world businesses must rely on the software they develop. Failures can be costly- or even the death of- a small business. It is not an area to cut corners or skimp. Discover the value in hiring knowledgeable craftsmen and contact Planet Telex today.

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