If Then Network


The If Then Network was a content production network based off of the If Then Radio podcast, focused on technical and business news. Like many startup concepts it never came to fruition, but that doesn't prevent us from being proud of our website design.

The goal was to create a site where the latest content was front and center, yet made it easy to navigate to all of the content produced. Because the focus was technology and business (often start-ups) we wanted it to feel cutting edge. The logo was derived from the existing If Then Radio podcast logo, and to unify it with that theme we kept the arrows to create a flow chart metaphor in the layout.

If you examine the mockup closely, you will notice that we created one custom graphic, but used images from Revision 3 for thumbnails. While we diverged greatly from the design of their website, the structure of content and aesthetic sensibility of their company was certainly an inspiration for the If Then Network.

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