Eighth Continent Project


The Eighth Continent Project is an organization that accelerates the integration of aerospace-derived technology and content into the global economy. Planet Telex made this informational site for them which was live for a number of years, but has since been replaced on a new domain.

The standout feature of the site was definitely the mesmerizing animation we created for the homepage, which rotated a beautiful space-scape over the silhouette of cities, and country landscapes filled with spinning windmills. It was created using Adobe Flash, which wouldn't be our choice these days, but the site was built in 2006, before iPads and even Google Chrome.

Our hope when creating the animation was to instill the sense of awe and wonder we can all feel when contemplating the universe. This is the very feeling that fuels much of the entrepreneurship and innovation happening in the private aerospace industry. Doing this provided an emotional context for what is otherwise dry, informational content.

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