EagleRider rents motorcycles, adventure vehicles like ATV, and watercraft all across the world in addition to supplying tours. They needed a new website design and build-out that evoked the thrill and excitement of their products- something that not only made it easy to purchase on their site, but also motivated people to do so. You can see in the “impact banner” we created, a cross fading slideshow, we did just that. Conversions on the site increased over 200%.

In addition to the impactful design, we also integrated the site with a number of third party providers for upsell items like insurance and accessory sales. Building these items into the easy rental flow meant that not only did more visitors convert into customers, they spent more on average. We integrated with hotel and flight booking providers as well as the internal rental management software EagleRider uses in operations. These improvements streamlined their operations and transformed their website from a backchannel to their company's primary channel.

And while our design and UX work made the site overall more effective, our implementation allowed them to create what we deemed “microsites”. Since EagleRider is a franchise operation, it allowed them to provide the same website infrastructure to each of their franchise owners- each having the same core functionality, but customized with copy and images unique to that franchise location. They also used this ability to create brand specific sites, like Honda and BMW. Being international, the framework was also localized, allowing for French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese translations and conversions.

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