Advantage Rent-a-Car


Planet Telex designed and built this front-end rental car system for Advantage Rent-a-Car, which was based on our successful redesign of EagleRider per the client's request. You will see many similarities with that design, including the left “reservation widget” and main slideshow. This was one of the first commercial sites in which we used jQuery to enhance the interface, making the double arrow in the reservation widget guide the user through the field selection.

When it released, the site's conversion rate increased substantially, in part because it had a smooth user interface, but also because it performed much better than the preceding site. Unfortunately the site was only live for a period of about three months because Advantage was bought by Hertz. Upon the change in ownership, Hertz moved the site to their existing infrastructure.

Despite its short life, Planet Telex considers the project a great success. The clean, open, and subtle design achieved a degree of simplicity and elegance that we are still proud of even after over five years since its creation.

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