Planet Telex .Net Library Open Sourced

Planet Telex has cultivated a .Net library since the framework version 1.1, and have been evolving it over the years as the .Net Framework improved and changed. It has recently been upgraded to .Net version 3.5 and made open source on GitHub. Not only is it a useful collection of classes that assist in rapid development, but we consider it to be a good example of the quality of our work. It is well tested and fully documented with both compiled html and xml versions, and conforms to a number of good practices. For example, you will see consistent naming conventions that are enforced by our IDE tools like ReSharper.

The code itself has readable, explicitly named variables and well formatted syntax. For this reason, in-code comments are not excessive. The code itself can be read and explains what is being done. In-code comments appear only when it isn't easily apparent why a piece of code is doing what it is doing. We are also proud of our namespacing and class naming in the library. They mirror the standard .Net namespaces where it makes sense, and all are semantically organized.

There are 4 assemblies:

Assembly Description Dependencies
PlanetTelex.dll A general purpose library that can be used in any application context. Includes a regular expression library, extension and utility methods to common data types like String and DateTime, and much more. System, System.Configuration, System.Core, System.Data, System.Runtime.Serialization, System.ServiceModel.Web (used for JSON serialization), System.Xml
PlanetTelex.Drawing.dll A basic programmatic image editor, including methods for color adjustments and rotation. System, System.Core, System.Drawing, EXIFextractor (included)
PlanetTelex.Web.dll A library that can be used in any web context. It includes items like an advanced URI parser, HTTP protocol helpers, and an RSS writer. System, System.Configuration, System.Core, System.Web, System.Xml, PlanetTelex
PlanetTelex.Web.Mvc.dll A library specific to ASP.NET MVC applications. Includes items like HTML and AJAX extensions and the ability to track a streaming result. System, System.Core, System.Web, System.Web.Abstractions, System.Web.Mvc, PlanetTelex, PlanetTelex.Web

It's easy to browse the project on GitHub. If it has something you could use, download or fork it from there. Happy coding!

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