Good News Everyone!

We've rebranded! Our star designer Bobby Benton completely reworked our corporate branding from the ground up and designed this beautiful and distinctive website. Built on the Orchard CMS platform, this site features some of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. In addition to putting great care and attention into the content included on this site, we have endeavored to make it fun and engaging to use. Subtle effects like the logo's tracer light, the background's slowly shifting colors, and dynamic text gradients lend a feeling of substance to the design.

But perhaps the star of our new website design is our new jQuery UI Coverflow widget. It features advanced perspective transformations implemented using the canvas element of HTML5, a ton of features, and even a GUI editor for playing with the many options. Check out the demo here. jQuery UI Coverflow is free, open source and available on GitHub.

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