• Responsive Website Design

    Responsive website design means designing a site that can change its look and layout dynamically depending on the context in which it is being viewed. A common scenario is to build a page that looks … more

  • Scaffolding

    Like its physical namesake, scaffolding in a software system is a functional but cookie-cutter user-interface that is less attractive and robust than actual construction. Just as in construction, … more

  • Scrum

    Taking a term from the game of rugby, a scrum in software development refers to a short, daily meeting (also called a "stand-up") in the agile development methodology. This meeting is usually time … more

  • Semantic Web

    The semantic web refers to a set of work-in-progress technologies like RDF, OWL, and SPARQL that would allow for a greater semantic architecture throughout the Internet. Think of this as a more … more

  • Transaction Management

    In software development a transaction generally refers to a communication that has built-in assurance checks and can be "rolled-back" upon failure. This applies most commonly to database … more