• A Robust Title Casing Algorithm

    • 04.15.15
    • Blog Categories: .Net

    • rob

    Just like many problems in computer programming, title casing a string of words seems trivial.  We humans do it automatically, but in reality we are appling a complex set of rules.  Those … more

  • Adventures in Installing Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 8

    After a couple of months of slow computer frustrations I finally kowtowed to the ever changing computer gods and purchased a new and improved Apple MacBook Pro. For work we Bootcamp our machines in … more

  • Planet Telex .Net Library Open Sourced

    Planet Telex has cultivated a .Net library since the framework version 1.1, and have been evolving it over the years as the .Net Framework improved and changed. It has recently been upgraded to .Net … more