Planet Telex designs, develops, and tests software, website, and mobile applications. Based in in Denver, CO, the company was founded in 2006 by Rob Dixon. It has since grown to a small but extraordinarily talented group of young professionals.

Our clients range from large, multi-national corporations to local startups and independent retailers. We understand that the needs and resources of these clients are quite different, and how to approach solutions from different perspectives.

Planet Telex is a full service shop, and can facilitate:

Engage us for all of these services, or just the ones you need. We are equally adept at providing a small, complete development team as we are supplementing your existing team.

Our company name comes from track one off of Radiohead's album "The Bends". That song was originally titled "Planet Xerox", but it had to be changed since "Xerox" is a registered trademark. Therefore Planet Telex is a company named after a song that was supposed to be named after a company, written by a band named after a different song. Sounds like the technology industry to us.