Design + Development

  • Introducing The Theme Machine Responsive

    After building a lot of sites in Orchard CMS using "The Theme Machine" that ships with Orchard as a starting point and exploring the current responsive themes in the gallery I saw a need for a more … more

  • Orchard CMS vs. WordPress

    At Planet Telex we work with both Orchard CMS and WordPress on a regular basis. When we decided to re-platform our website, we knew we wanted to use one of those 2, but which? Clearly they are built … more

  • Orchard CMS Display Types

    When trying to understand templating and the placement of parts in Orchard CMS, you will encounter the notion of "Display Types." By looking at examples, one quickly gets a sense of what these values … more

  • Planet Telex .Net Library Open Sourced

    Planet Telex has cultivated a .Net library since the framework version 1.1, and have been evolving it over the years as the .Net Framework improved and changed. It has recently been upgraded to .Net … more

  • Good News Everyone!

    We've rebranded! Our star designer Bobby Benton completely reworked our corporate branding from the ground up and designed this beautiful and distinctive website. Built on the Orchard CMS platform, … more